Checking the validity of the 2D matrix code

Here you enter the complete true type of the 2D matrix code. For this purpose, click on the input field with the left mouse button and enter all numbers, letters and brackets without spaces or returns.

Please note this is case sensitive.

Example of a 2D matrix code:

A system provides security

Status green

Successful verification!
The code of Motorservice is correct. You have a genuine part from Motorservice!

Status yellow

The code of Motorservice is correct, but has already been requested several times. If there is doubt about the authenticity of the product, please contact Motorservice (address see label).

Status red

The code is unknown. This might not be an original part from Motorservice. Please contact Motorservice (address on label).

Check authenticity with the Motorservice app

Scan the 2D matrix code and you immediately get the test result.

Go to Motorservice app

Tesa PrioSpot®
The PrioSpot® shimmers on the label. In it 4 digits. These match the last four digits of the complete 2D matrix code.