Do you have questions relating to the original packaging? Then you can find the answers you are looking for here.

Questions relating to the packaging.

  • What security does packaging offer?

    Brand and product piracy damages manufacturers, dealers and customers. Forgeries and product fakes are also dangerous. They destroy capital and jobs. With their various security features, packaging and labels make it virtually impossible for counterfeiters of products to sell forgeries as original spare parts.

  • Why is the packaging dark blue?

    Motorservice is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG. Our packaging colour is the official colour used by Rheinmetall Automotive in its brochures, displays, stationery etc.

Questions relating to labels

  • What security do labels offer?

    Each genuine part has its own computer-calculated, individual label.

  • Why are labels so particularly fake-proof?

    Each label is produced individually. With own Holospot, own Motorservice safety code and own 2D matrix code. The various levels in the Holospot are completely fake-proof and cannot be faked or copied by scanning.

  • What is the security seal?

    The security seal is used if the label is not affixed across the packaging edge thus becoming the closure seal. This only occurs for smaller packaging. For larger packaging the label is affixed across a surface, the security seal is affixed across the edge of the opening flap thus becoming the closure seal.

    Please note: The packaging can only EVER be opened in one place !!

  • Is the security seal also fake-proof?

    Yes. It cannot be removed and re-applied. It destroys itself if manipulated and the term „opened” appears in 9 different languages.

Questions about the safety check.